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Soft Skills leadership and team development programs are DIFFERENT to any courses you've ever attended!

How many times have you attended a course, received loads of information and weeks later you still haven't put that information into practical applications?

Soft Skills difference # 1 We recognise that whilst data is important, PROCESSING the data is critical to making change work. Processing the information you take in is your JOURNEY to changing behaviour and developing positive new habits. That's why we focus on the physical part of the journey to change rather than just talking about change.

Soft Skills difference # 2 Our workshops are highly INTERACTIVE! We don't sit behind tables with textbooks! Your Soft Skills workbook becomes the journal of your personal journey to change and you'll refer to this book for the rest of your life! Our workshops use visual, kinesthetic and auditory learning methods so you have FUN while you learn!

Soft Skills difference # 3 We CHALLENGE the status quo and take participants out of their comfort zone to remove the hierarchical barriers established in the workplace. We mirror the behaviour of individuals so they see how they appear to their colleagues. This is a direct and powerful impetus for them to change their behaviour. We're not afraid to challenge the CEO or the "cheque-signer" in order to change behaviour at the top level!

Soft Skills difference # 4 Participants are held ACCOUNTABLE! There are positive and negative consequences of all behaviour types. We teach you how to take OWNERSHIP, RESPONSIBILITY and ACCOUNTABILITY for your actions and how to recognise when you and your team slip "below the line" into blame, excuses and denial. Most importantly, we teach how to stay "above the line" in life and at work.

Soft Skills difference #5 Each program is tailored to YOUR team. Our programs are based on spaced repetition and the length of each program is based on your team's pace of development. We analyse your team's strengths and weaknesses and identify which areas require focus in order to "clean up the fight" in your organisation and start on the journey to success.

It takes a visionary and courageous leader to build or rebuild organisations by building individuals. Build individuals and your profits will flow - are YOU building the individuals on YOUR team? Stop talking about investing in your people and take action!

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