Most people are hired on their skills and fired on their attitude. You can now test attitude. Find out who to put on your team before it’s too late!  

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Soft Skills assessments are available ONLINE!

Forget the limitations of time and distance when assessing prospective employees. The Soft Skills assessments are available online and can be completed at any time or location. You can view the results instantly, manage large numbers of assessments and streamline your recruitment process.

No more guesswork Take the guesswork out of recruiting and get hard evidence on the behavioural characteristics of prospective team members.

Highly accurate tests are available to assess these attributes:

  • Personal Integrity
  • Self Management
  • Work or Task Focus
  • Relationship Management
  • Vision
  • Impression Management

Finding the truth The truth behind a professionally presented resume and interview often only comes to light three to six months down the track when “the honeymoon is over.”

Opportunity and Risk The wrong person can cost you large sums of money and cause all sorts of problems on your team. The right choice can make you thousands of dollars and bring harmony and happiness to the workplace.

What Questions to Ask We can also help you with detailed and specific questions to ask previous employers and overcome the “reluctant-to-talk” referees.

Follow-up Support We use the tests as an integral part of the first stage of in-house business development programs. The second stage is a package of workshops and coaching for individuals over a 12 to 18 month period.

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