Soft Skills Australia  
Colleen Guray
The ability to do a task and the ability to manage people are completely different skills. We differentiate between these skills by calling them hard skills and soft skills.

Soft Skills Australia is an executive coaching organisation dedicated to boosting profits through the development of business management teams and their soft skills.

Our key objective is to improve a team’s ability to manage the people who report to them through communicating effectively about the required tasks and the vision of the organisation. This objective is achieved through improving the awareness and performance of the people who make up the team.

Our team of powerful and professional business coaches is led by Colleen Guray – an inspiring and energetic consultant. Our team members are highly competent facilitators of group process and have an intuitive ability to lead a team through change.

Soft Skills Australia is owned by Colleen Guray. Our clients across Australia are enjoying business success through heightened awareness of team dynamics and carefully developed soft skills.

Colleen Guray
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